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Foto: Anker Andersen 1887-1900


The island of Mandø got its first mill in the 1820s. Until then, the grain was taken to the mainland and ground in Skallebæk Mill near Seem, a very troublesome process.

The first mill on Mandø was built as a post mill, but it was difficult to handle, so already 10 years later they built the current turbine, a so-called Dutch turbine.

The mill was running up until the Second World War. After the war the "Mandø Heritage Association", now known as the "Mandø Association," took over the mill, and became then obliged to keep the mill in a position as the island's landmark.

After the acquisition, the mill had a secluded life as a tourist attraction, and has only been sparingly maintained up until around the year 2000.

Hereafter an extensive restoration was launched. The restoration of the mill, was finished in 2008.

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